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Influencing Leaders and Empowering Employees to be the First Line of Cyber Defense

What is a Human Firewall?

A human firewall is a unified force of employees who vigilantly adhere to security protocols, understanding the potential risks their actions could pose. It stands as a vigilant protector in your company’s ongoing battle against cyber threats. It’s an essential defense mechanism, pivotal for securing assets, preventing financial losses from digital threats, and ensuring the privacy of company client information. 

How Does a Human Firewall Enhance Cybersecurity?

The Human Firewall is a proactive approach that identifies and neutralizes potential threats swiftly and bolsters your other firewalls.

1. Understand heightened digital risks posed by emerging technologies. 2. Commit to act as a shield against digital threats by rigorously upholding the company’s data security policies and principles. 3. Influence the development of a cybersecurity culture by motivating others in their network to adopt and champion essential security practices.

Are Your Cyber Defenses AI Proof?

Examine the readiness of your incident response to AI-driven threats, data protection strategies, and the use of AI in threat intelligence and access control. Reflect on the frequency and depth of security assessments to uncover vulnerabilities and your system’s flexibility in adapting to new threats. 

Main Stage

The Human Firewall

Dale and Alice Meredith unite their unique experiences and knowledge to help organizations of all types instill a robust culture of cybersecurity awareness.
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Solo Acts


Speaker: Dale

This session promises to be highly engaging, featuring real-world stories and multiple demos that bring the topic to life. Dale will walk attendees through the process of identifying their own digital vulnerabilities, using open-source hacking tools for real-time demonstrations. 

Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: AI in the Realm of Deepfakes

Speaker: Dale

This session demystifies the technology behind deepfakes, revealing how AI is used to create strikingly realistic but fabricated content. We’ll explore the foundational AI principles, the diverse applications of deepfakes in various fields, and the ethical considerations they raise.

Data Breaches: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Speaker: Dale

This session unravels the complex dynamics of data breaches, highlighting their lasting effects on organizations and individuals alike. Participants will explore the anatomy of high-profile breaches, the critical balance between security and usability, and effective strategies to bolster defense mechanisms against ever-evolving cyber threats. Equip yourself with the insights to navigate the cybersecurity landscape confidently.

Cultivate Change Readiness for Emerging AI Technologies

Speaker: Alice

In this session, you’ll learn key strategies to cultivate a culture of change readiness within your organization. Alice delves into a game-changing business framework specifically designed for leveraging AI and other emerging technologies. 


Speaker: Alice

In this session, you’ll discover how to harness AI to sharpen your decision-making, enrich team dynamics, and ignite innovation. Dive into a personalized leadership development process utilizing AI, resolve conflicts with data-driven insights, and apply AI strategies for strategic decisions and efficient time management. 

Adapting with Agility: Navigating Workplace Change Successfully

Speaker: Alice

Change can be exciting, challenging, and certainly stressful. But no matter how we feel about it, change is inevitable, but does not have to be overly difficult. By developing certain key skills, both leaders and individual contributors can better navigate workplace changes. 

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When speaking, Alice stands up and says it like it is. Very refreshing and very needed.

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“I love this guy! He kept my attention, and I did not get bored and even found myself laughing. His information was easy to understand.”



“Dale has a great ability to make complex IT concepts simple and that is rare in my experience.”



Excellent presentation. Her content, format, and pace were great. I loved the emphasis on emotional IQ and focusing on the why and how vs. the what of challenging experiences.



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Dale Meredith is a well-known cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience in the field.
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Alice Meredith is a captivating and highly sought-after speaker who has made a significant impact as a culture strategist.
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